Unwritten Travels

Unwritten Travels is years worth of therapy in a book that’s so intriguing and introspective you’ll be excited to learn (or remember) the next thing about yourself. Don’t deny yourself this fun book. You will find some simple things to add into your life that will simply, easily brighten your days. – Angela Vaden


Unwritten Travels by Jenny Black and Jenny Watson

Unwritten Travels is a book that reminds women what they are created for and how they can become bold life learners in the midst of transition.

While the authors include some of their own life lessons, Unwritten Travels uses interactive pages to help a woman discover and apply the lessons of her own story. The book is only “unwritten” until you complete it. Filled with doodles, reflection, and creative excursions, this book invites women to officially, blatantly, boldly answer, “What now?”

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What people are saying about Unwritten Travels:

“This book is more like a journal. I’ve worked through it with a small group of friends, and we’ve laughed and cried together as we’ve learned more about ourselves and each other. This book is a celebration of being a woman, unique and valuable.” – Anna C.

“Unwritten Travels is truly a book you will look forward to exploring and writing in when you have some “alone time” (which we all need). It is great for any stage in life you are in: just married, just had children, kids just started school, kids gone to college, new grandmother, etc….” – Angela V.

“This book helping me [re-find] myself but the format it is presented in is fun! I recommend this for all women.” – Lita M.

“Allows even the busiest woman an opportunity to explore the make-up of her life.” – Cara

“This journal teaches us it is our own unique presence that makes us valuable, not the roles we play.” – Melissa