Jenny Watson Playshop

Jenny Watson offers two different types of workshops, also known as “playshops”

They are called playshops instead of a workshops because who needs more work! There will be homework, oops, homeplay after each session)


Unwritten Travels Playshop:

These group workplayshops exist to provide tools for women to continue to grow into the masterpieces for which God designed them through guided interactive activities and discussion in a non-threatening, fun environment.

 The six-session workshops cover the following topics.

  1. Accepting how we are uniquely created, and how we can accept others for the ways they are uniquely created.
  2. Looking at how we spend our time and with whom we spend it.
  3. Examining honestly what we believe spiritually.
  4. Defining our own personal values and evaluating how we are conducting our lives in relation to our values.
  5. Seeking to understand how our past impacts our present.
  6. Comparing the concepts of giving yourself to others with out losing yourself or without losing who you were created to be.

Material can be adjusted to include ages 16 to 96.

The cost of the workshop for six two-hour group sessions & all materials including a copy of Unwritten Travels is $130.00. Unwritten Travels Playshops can also be held in a four-session retreat format over two days.

Empty Nest Playshops – Birds of a Feather (Adjusting to the Empty Nest)

Jenny Watson Workshops

Whether you are proactively preparing for your oldest to leave the nest or your nest has been empty for some time this six-session workshop can be just the catalyst you need to make this next life stage the best one yet. Yes, that can happen!

Connect with other women as you discover:

* Adjustments to make and changes to tackle

* Parenting “adult children”

* Who you are now/Who you want to be

* Ways to reconnect with your spouse & significant others

* Your new independence and your In-dependence on trusting God

Women who want to have fun while learning to transition well will meet together to participate in focused activities and discussion to ensure that we make the most of the decades ahead.

Contact Jenny for current dates and registration. Cost of the workshop for six two-hour group sessions & all materials is $120.00. Groups are limited to 10 participants.

Here’s what people are saying about Jenny’s Playshops:

When Terry and I became empty-nesters last fall I thought that it was going to be a lot easier than it was.  My heart and head started to SPIN with feelings of joy, relief, regret, loneliness, sense of purpose, loss of purpose, questions of whether I should launch a career or rest after 25 years with kids or a kids under our roof! The very first exercise of trying to put these emotions and more on paper set the stage for me and made me aware that I was not alone in my new “empty nest stuff”.

Several women had encouraged me to “sign up” for the Birds of a Feather Playshop a couple of years before I did. It was the EXACT thing that I needed to transition IN COMMUNITY to my new season of life.  I am very glad I did so.

This is what I thought about our small group times.  They were purposeful, FUN, personal, deep and safe.  I loved being in your home where it was relaxed and intimate.  Your creativity with the “party themes” and bird themes BLEW ME AWAY (ha, ha – no pun intended..)!  Before going though this for myself it would have been hard for me to explain the true concept and benefit of what we all did together both in your home and with our assigned homework projects!!!   I loved hearing others express what they thought about their circumstances, goals, disappointments and dreams are/were. I so enjoyed the women in our group and came out knowing that I had made close bonds with a group of mature and REAL women.  One week that stands out especially for me was when we had our valentine’s theme night and were encouraged to spend intentional time getting to know our husbands AGAIN.  Funny how I still need to be encouraged to do this. This has been a gift that keeps on giving.

I attended one of Jenny’s empty nest play shops at a time where I felt extreme grief and sadness after sending our second son to college. With our oldest son in college and our youngest son in high school, I was in extreme need for hope and redefinition for the future. There just isn’t a whole lot of assistance for this type of transition in life outside of reading a book or a blog. Jenny’s playgroups are fun, practical, poignant, and provide true authentic community for women who are experiencing the real emotions of loss and anxiety about what the future season holds. I can confidently recommend Jenny and her workshops!

Jenny’s Empty Nest curriculum and group time is so unusual and effective that I realized it could only be described in contradicting terms.   She creates a climate of community and sharing while meeting the individual with their unique story exactly where they’re at. The exercises and questions are creative and inspiring while the results are practical and task producing.  She sets the stage each time with themes that draw you in and help you assess your place in life, while there is always something to take away.  It is a beautiful contradiction of grief and celebration,  revelation of feelings and processing of thought…where we have been and where we are going. In sharing her wit and wisdom, along the way, you discover your own. Within the safe nest she created for us, we found the wings that were forgotten, or maybe even broken for a marvelous perspective of what is possible as we take flight toward a future that is full and meaningful.

Jenny Watson Playshop