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Need a wife? Try a life coach instead

Many of my girfriends have commented that they need a wife. No, they aren’t talking about same sex marriage. They are happy with their husbands. They just need someone to help them do all the things wives stereotypically do. For most of us, we have to find a way to “just do it.” But anyone that knows me knows that the idea of living life by just gutting it out is not the way I want to roll.

Meeting with a life coach helps you to come to a place of balance in your life. It can help you learn to fit in what you want and need to do alongside what you have to do. Some time ago I took a class to become certified in life coaching. As I have begun to go through the process step-by-step with people it has been wonderful. It works. Read about it below. If getting a wife isn’t going to happen for you, and you are intrigued, contact me.

The Lifecoaching Process

Session 1 – Interview Session
This session will last approximately 2-hours. The coach asks the client a series of questions about several different areas of their life. The client evaluates their present satisfaction in each of these areas.

Session 2 – Vision Session
Within a week you meet for a second one-hour session. The client will receive their Life Vision Statement prepared by the life coach from the information discussed in Session One. This statement describes your life as if all the areas discussed previously are exactly as the client desires them to be. The client and coach review the statement together. The statement is taken home and read at least three times daily for the next week.

Session 3 – Strategy Session
In one week, the client and coach will meet again for about one and a half hours. The client will select one area of life that will be the area of focus. Strategies will be discussed to move the client from where they are to where they desire to be. The client takes the plan home to implement.

Session 4 – Evaluation Session
This session takes place one month after the strategy session. Progress is reviewed. At this time the client makes a decision. New strategies can be developed if more progress is needed in the area of focus, or a new area of focus can be selected. If a new area is selected, the coach and client will strategize in this area. The client may also choose to end the coaching sessions until more help is needed.

The cost for the four-session program is $125.00. If the client wishes to continue, sessions 3 & 4 will be repeated in different life areas at the cost of $55.00 for the two hour session.