About Jenny


Jenny Watson believes that each of us is uniquely and purposefully created, and she is motivated to take a look at how that belief impacts every stage of life.

Jenny Watson has been on staff in Women’s Ministry and continues to teach Bible Studies at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.

She co-authored a book, Unwritten Travels, a guided journal that helps women go on an introspective journey to discover and embrace who they were created to be, to examine how their past has been a preparation to become this woman, and to hope and plan as they transition into their future. She attended Lousiana State University and received a degree in Elementary Education.

In Unwritten Travels there is a page titled “100 Things About Me.” These are her current Top 10.

  1. Jenny is a mother of four “grown children” and understands that this term is an oxymoron!

  2. She has retired from parenting as a verb and enjoys parenting as a noun.

  3. Jenny has been married for 35 years.

  4. She is most fulfilled when helping women connect more intimately with themselves, with God and with each other.

  5. She recently remembered that she loves meatloaf.

  6. Jenny is sometimes a redhead, depending on her mood and the season!

  7. She reads one fiction and one nonfiction book per month.

  8. She hasn’t had a traffic violation in almost 2 years.

  9. Jenny is amazed every time a new realization comes that everything in her life has prepared her for right now.

  10. Because something extra is always fun….She wants everything she does to have an element of creativity, fun and joy…even in the tough things.