Risky Business

I have been taking risks every day. Haven’t bungee jumped or parachuted. What have I done? I’ve put myself out there. Asked for opportunities at the risk of rejection. Said yes. Said no. Risked embarrassment. Which is scarier, doing something physically risky or emotionally so? I think it might be the later.

So have the risks paid dividends? Absolutely, but not in the way I hoped – YET? I didn’t die. I even grew stronger. I’ve had opportunities I wouldn’t have had. You want to know what it means to abide in Christ? That’s what you do when you are scared to death but do it anyway. Learning that. Had to confront once again insecurities I thought I’d dealt with. This time I got them before they stopped me. That is a pay off for sure.
I’m not stopping, but it’s not because of the benefits of risk taking. I’m not stopping because right when I start to doubt myself, God, and I do believe it is God gives me a miraculous encouragement to continue. This week, someone said, “Every opportunity you get is by Divine Design. It’s not an accident. Steward your gifts.” Won’t go into the details, but you talk about a right word spoken at a right time to a needy heart!
Two take aways. One- those people that have unknowingly been instruments that God has played to encourage someone else to continue to live the best and scariest life don’t many times even know that a note has come out of them – much less a rhapsody. So, take opportunity to say what is on your heart to those who you come into contact with today. Two – listen to your heart and when it is prompted to take a risk, go for it. Life doesn’t have to be a risky business, but try it; it might be a whole lot more fun and rewarding that way. So, take a risk today, and tell me about it. Respond to this blog or drop me an email – jennifervwatson@gmail.com. Blooming in autumn on this beautiful day!

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  1. I'm Crayon
    October 17, 2011 at 1:57 am (10 years ago)

    I've always said God gives us "nudges", we just have to be paying attention. I've been enjoying something similar, albeit on a smaller scale. I'm keeping a One New Thing list in my journal and I try to have at least one item to add to it each day. It's fun to see both how many new things we DO try and how often we're in kind of a rut!


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