Sometimes, it IS about you!

Recently in a church sermon, the pastor said that we are created to glorify God. We reflect Him to the world. Think about how you are uniquely created. I can shed a hair somewhere and the right scientist can pick it up and know that ‘Jenny Watson was here.’

When Adam and Eve were in the garden and had eaten the fruit, they were hiding from God. God asks them the question, “Where are you?” From everything I know about God, He knew where they were. He was asking them where they were in relationship to Him, or maybe where were they trying to hide. I wonder if God sees us and asks, “Where are you, Jenny? Where is that woman I created? Where are you hiding her? Can you find her and bring her out so she can glorify Me and reflect Me to the world? Who is this person you are masquerading as?”

Only acknowledging your physical uniqueness is like walking up to a masterpiece in a museum and saying, “Oh, nice frame.” Isn’t it giving God glory to take time to really look at the masterpiece of His creation that you are? This summer I encourage you to take an art appreciation class, and the art you are studying is yourself. Unwritten Travels was birthed a year ago. In the last year we have seen the strokes, texture, color and design working through it can add to a woman’s life. Get your copy today and use it for your art appreciation textbook as you study yourself this summer! Or better yet, join a playshop and take the class with others. It could be one of the most fun and meaningful summers of your life!

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